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Watercolour sketchpad 7X9".

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Do you know how to upload on xen Foro, Sandra? Try clicking the mountain icon on the top of each post window. It's pretty easy to upload from your computer that way. :)
Sorry, getting used to new ways of posting. I did edit it but maybe it isn't show up yet.
I see it now! You did fine with the upload. :)

Your hawk is beautiful! I love your coloring on the feathers and that brilliant blue eye. Great work!
Gorgeous, very fluid and glassy eyes are perfect focal point. Colors palette and BG work very well.
This is beautiful Sanlynn - I love that intense stare! I really like how the blue in its eye is echoed in the background and on the feathers. :)
He looks very alert. The eye makes a good focal point and it is good, that the blue from the eye is repeated somewhere else in the painting. Well done.

This is the kind of watercolor technique I find to be the most alluring. It is pure and beautiful. Very well done. ♥️
This is gorgeous, the color scheme, the soft and hard edges, the composition - just perfect!
It is beautifully done, I admire your technique. Coloring for bird and background harmonize nicely.
I have a question: I know nothing of bird anatomy, I think the bird's left eye would be at least partially visible at that angle, even if it's just the surface. Or the brow ridge. Perhaps the top of the beak is much higher than I'm seeing...
Thanks for the comments.
ntl, I would agree there should be signs of the other eye and was wrestling with that as I painted. In the photo reference there was a bit of a brow ridge that I tried to convey. Perhaps misplaced?
Sanlynn, not to worry--it is an excellent piece. The posture, form, coloring, are all so very well done.