Haven't drawn for ages!


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I wanted to make sure I can still draw it's been so long since I drew anything. This is just a very quick sketch. I may add to it. At least I'm creating something.
Still messing around. I might paint her with oils. I never much liked drawing when paint can show so much more and I much prefer painting.
Thanks Margaret, I'll do a study on oil paper, I have one canvas too big and one too small. I'll see how the study goes. I haven't painted for even longer.
Well, for you, drawing must be like riding a bike, as you clearly haven't forgot how. Super work. I would love to see it painted, too!
Thanks for you kind replies, which are much appreciated.
The last photo was taken late and night on my phone and I adjusted the white balance, it's not a good photo.

The hand is a nightmare, Patrick. I think when I was a kid I had so much patience and now I have little patience for drawing. Painting is somehow a whole different ball game for me, maybe it's the colour or the effect the paint fumes have on me!
Maybenartist, I like it very much, it is a very beautiful drawing, already in the first version,
with the additions, details in the background, etc, it stands out even more (despite photos in the dark).
nice work, of course, you haven't forgotten how to draw.