Greetings from Canada


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Hello everyone, I'm eyepaint from WetCanvas. You might recognize recent pieces like so:




Welcome to Creative Spark, eyepaint! We're happy to have you on board.

Great sketches, and I especially love your pup!
Welcome eyepaint! I love your work. It makes me happy and it's so expressive. It's right up my alley. ♥️
Terri - thank you!
Mike - smile :)
16ga - thank you!
Enyaw - thank you
Artyczar - awww, thank you! Turns out I love loose/colourful/expressive (non-realistic is much more fun for me!) Were you on WetCanvas in the past? Do I recall a gnome as a profile picture? Maybe I'm mixing you up with someone else.
Joe - yay you recognize it, hey?
Joan - hello!
ntl - thank you!
eyepaint, yes I was on WC for quite a number of years with the same name, taking a few hiatuses here and there. I think there was an "arty" with a gnome. For a long time I had a red and blue finger puppet person with a cap. I don't remember what I changed it to when I came back in the last year though. 😆
Hello everyone, I'm eyepaint from WetCanvas.

Hey did you post in the sketch journals board there? or maybe was it Drawing and Sketching? That style in the second picture with the ink drawings in comic book style panels is familiar... If it wasn't you I definitely remember someone similar who used to post a lot like that. I liked them very much.
Welcome eyepaint! Don't time to comment on individual photos, but love them all. ❤️
EP, great to see you made it here! We hope to have an A &W Challenge soon.