Grandiose titles for what are essentially basic patterns 2014/15


2 eyes.
Here are some drawing I was not going to post (They are forerunners to ones I have posted already, and as such, they are pretty basic) but my memory was jogged by Olive's description.

Side note: I notice that whenever I get outside these days, everything seems so....intense. Bright and crisp and clear. It’s like I have hyper realistic vision but I’m sure it’s just because I’m mostly stuck inside staring at the same old low-lit, dusty and musty interior walls. Guess the light brights my sight...

a momentary breeze
and the sycamore leaves
sound like burnt toast
on the branches

Autumn Elements Spring Elephants. WC.
Autumn Elements Spring Elephants.jpg

Anatomy of a Soul. Oil stick.
Anatomy of a soul in perpetuity.jpg

Titled 2015. Oilstick
Titled 2015.jpg

This became the template for a "mandala." Coloured pencil.
Template for mandala.jpg
I love the way your little repetitive patterns fit together. Especially the first and third
And here is the "mandala." Oilstick. The image is slightly darker than the drawing, The image file I wanted to post must be corrupted. It kept uploading blank/black.
IMG_6759 (1).jpg
Thank you sno. I think the patterns came from a necessity to draw using a framework.
Might as well post the last of these. Safety in numbers. Notebook inks.



When life gets complicated, simplicity is key.
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These must be very meditative to make. How long do you work on one of them?
It has been a while since I drew these. At a guess, anywhere between two or three hours and three or four sessions with the later drawings. Sorry I can't be more precise. The above are the earliest efforts. I have never really thought of the mediative aspect, but I am a great believer in heightened aware, a "cleansing of the senses, " either through intense concentration or sense deprivation as Olive described. Maybe I am just nuts. But I have at times be able to create what I could not ordinarily. That is what I believe to be the case, in my experience.
You definitely seem to have a thing for repeat patterns, not so much for awareness😄. The top two are the ones which caught my eye, especially the second, very satisfying somehow.
Wow!!!! I fricken LOVE these, maybe my favorite of all your work. Really. There's something about them that are visceral...refreshing...raw, and sort of perfect. I just really am drawn to them. Get it? Drawn? I can't believe I'm joking around when I feel so sick right now. Just popping in for today. ❤️
Thank you, laf, that made me laugh😁 The one you picked out, the second, is favourite.

Thank you Artyczar, that makes a difference 😉 I am sorry to hear you are particularly unwell at the moment.