Good Morning Whom Village


That's what I decided to call this oil painting. I used a bit of pencil on this too. It's on a 36-inch square canvas.

Who lives in Whom. Sounds Suessian. 😃

We experience a particular feeling, or mood, waking in a warm, dry climate, and I have received that, or the memory of it, in this. There's joy, but more than that. I can't explain.

Horton lives in Whom.
I don't think you need to change it, but of course it is for you to decide. I just made the connection because of the tourist company description of the landscape as Seuss-like. Maybe just stay away from adding cats in hats to your landscapes. :LOL:

'Tis a gorgeous painting.
Thanks Iain.

What about Good Morning Houses of Whoms? I think I like that better.
I do prefer the second, alternative title.

Laf is spot on with the description, but she is a painter....

I don't wish to inundated you with posts to reply to, but I am interested to know if the painting is based on a real place.

I guess building against an outcrop is a good idea in that climate, helps regulate temperature.

Your arc lines reminded me of Martin Ramirez, having seen a couple of his drawings in books.
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I'll definitely take the Ramirez comparison. I love his work.

It's not based on a real place. Well, unless you count what's in my head as real, or "unreal," take your pick. ;)

Also, it's not that hot here. Only in the summer, and not as hot as you'd think. But it's dry. The "high desert" is misleading. "High" means the elevation is higher, so it's much colder. In the winter, it snows. It gets bone-chilling cold here by November, and it's moderate in the spring. Rainfall is minimal, but we had a lot last year making the spring pretty beautiful. This year, not so much. Summer was unusually hot and it hit 100 a few times, while down below Palm Springs hit record-breaking temps of 125. It's always at least 20 degrees hotter there. The low desert is brutal.
Thanks ntl. I feel like I got a good start with the sky and it may have taken a turn where I started to get tighter than I wanted it to go. I'm still trying to decide if I like it.
Apart from the exciting discussion regarding the title, what I’d like to say is that the combination of your geometric childlike bottom half and the more realistic adultlike top half makes it a winner!!!
Thank you Nufocus and Jocelyne. I really appreciate your notes. Nufocus, you give me something to think about, maybe a new perspective where I can like it more.