Gold Is Expensive She Said



11 x 14 oil on paper .. Alla Prima .. Knives And Brush
Nice one, Wayne. I’d only make a tiny suggestion: let her blue dress run through the bottom left corner to balance the composition.
My gut tells me that after looking at Soutine you’re influenced in a very good way!. Cool!!
Thank you Nofocus .. I had it but went over it a bit with the backswing .. :giggle:
Yes, I am easily influenced which is good for some things. I like Michael Kikoïne better. I have not had a chance to sit with his images for a bit but probably today. I see he painted with Soutine and the influence is seen quite easily.
Love the blues and earth tones in this one! This is very lively knife work - fun stuff, Wayne. ❤
Thank you Perry .. my wife didn't think so but she is more on the side of convention.
I like this one, Wayne! For some reason she looks like the kind of woman who deserves gold.