Gold Blend Number 5

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This was a nearly finished follow- on piece from Above the Hood.I'd not been happy with it, thought the strokes I'd been using were too small for this size canvas, then thought I hadn't got the colour balance right, and one morning I just looked at it and slapped the white over😄. I painted for 3 days straight and here we are. 😄 100x100cm. Acrylics,charcoal and gold packaging on canvas


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Thanks ntl, glad it brings a smile🙂
Glad you like Sno. I didn't know if this would translate to a bigger size, but now that I know it does I'm on the look out for a bigger canvas. Don't know where I'll be able to work as the flat is tiny, but where there's a will haha
Thanks Iain. Its one of those series that I think I'll be adding to for a while to come
Ntl- I had seen no faces at all in the painting, and last night I found myself lolling on the sofa staring at the painting which was now in a totally different light and what did I see - yes lots of faces:)