GF3 Minus CB



11 z 14 oil on paper .. Alla Prima .. Knive .. Painter 18/11/21
.. simply pushed paint into color forms and went with the shape
.. no idea what you will see but I do hope you take a moment to explore and enjoy your exploration
You "simply push paint" so well, Wayne. It's amazing how little definition of shapes we need in order to see flowers.
The (more) realistic treatment of light and shadow, with abstract forms is a winning combination imo. Love it.
Thank you heat.. good you see the light

Thanks Jo. Good it has holding power.

Thank you Donna. I'm with you as it always amazes me how little you need to show something we all know.

Thank you Bongo. I think it adds an element.

Thank you Zen. Been working on light for a long time. It is an eluding element but when you get the gradations right it is powerful.
Yup, strange title but as a “pushing the knife” thing it’s a very good one!!
I see a vase of flowers and a burning candle setting on a table with a cloth all in a lovely painting. ❤️❤️
Thanks Nufocus .. Generic Flowers Without Colored Background .. the first had a red, the second, a yellow.
In hindsight I should have called it the alter.

Thanks Sno .. yes, where would we be without light .. Bats in a cave maybe. :)