Generic Pet Portrait


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This is a painting from a photo found on the Interweb. I painted it as a thank you for my veterinarian.
It's lovely! What a terrific gift! (If it was a gift, I don't know, but perfect for a vet). It's really well done sno.
Thanks Arty! ❤️ Yes, it was a gift. I'm not sure if it survived. The Vet had a fire at his place. It was not complete desolation but there was a lot of damage. Due to Covid they are doing carside business so I haven't been inside.
it's a masterpiece, a wonderful and so sweet work of art.
I don't think you can get a better gift. Wonderful
That is an unbelievably perfectly painted piece of work, without a doubt. I'm losing my marbles but gaining a pair of perfect pets. They do look like they have been up to no good.
Why thank you Iain! Actually they are just as innocent as the driven snow. 😁
Same here, been that way for a couple of days and is to go down to 0° on the weekend and then begin snowing Sunday and a chance of the same every day through the following Friday. Sure glad I live in the "Sunny South"!! :ROFLMAO::LOL::ROFLMAO:
Thank you Ian. Like I mentioned, I'm not even sure it still exists. :giggle:
Thank you P. Barrie. Since we don't go into the clinic due to Covid, I have no idea if it survived. It was on the wall in there at the time of the fire but I'm not sure what part of the building was affected.