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Since the above thread is locked (it's just an announcement), I thought I'd make a thread for anyone who has comments about Creative Spark's new Artists Spotlight feature that starts in January 2022. Your thoughts are welcome. I hope you are looking forward to the spotlights on our artist members here.

Ayin, the feature on Margaret was really enjoyable. Are the same questions posed to all chosen? Your concerns of fairness by the random choice is laudable, although it also would be quite interesting to pick some prolific posters. Many are so talented in their chosen (or many) mediums. The mods would be a curiosity for many. And many would enjoy you and Hannah - maybe a special edition! However it evolves moving forward, it is an excellent idea.
Would it be possible to limit the Artist's Spotlight forum to members only? If you are asking for a lot of personal information, it might be better if it isn't able to be viewed and indexed by all of the search engines.
Joy, I was not able to bring up random members in the way I originally first wanted to because there are many members here that are just not active, so I figured out a way to pull from the ones that are. This will ensure that the choices focus on our members that are most likely the more prolific in their craft (I'm hoping!). So far, the ones that are "slated" for the next three months are anyway. However, each member I will ask to do these has the option to decline. I haven't approached March or April's artists yet, but next month's artist has agreed to it and I'm very excited about it. 🎉

Interview questions: I made a list of questions that I'm grabbing from, and each artist will get a few of the ones from the artists previous. There are basic things I think we all would like to know, but I'll do my best to word them differently. However, every artist will answer these uniquely! There are no more than ten in each set.

As far as making the Spotlight Forum for members only to avoid Google searches, that is actually the opposite of what I would like to do. I am not asking anything so personal that would violate anyone's privacy, and these interviews reflect artist's biographical information similar to what one might have on their website. Knowing that forums can be indexed by search engines, people have the right not to post here, or answer questions they do not feel comfortable answering, and/or, of course, decline being spotlighted. I also reiterate this in the interview presented to each artist.

Highlighting me or Hannah--that is so sweet of you to suggest that. I don't think Hannah would be interested, though I really can't speak for her. Personally, as the site owner, I wouldn't want to feature myself. It would make me feel like an egomaniac or something. I have my website in my signature and have done many interviews, which link from places on my website. If anyone is actually interested, it's pretty easy to find those. They are also searchable on Google, I'm sure, even the very embarrassing ones. 😳
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Ayin, thanks for the thoughtful reply. Upon reflection, I realized that there is so much info on many artists' websites, (many include email/phone number) that it isn't really a problem. Although some still prefer to use a profile name, etc. that does not divulge anything about their identity. Looking forward to other spotlights.
Snowball was specifically asked about using her real name beforehand. These things are taken into consideration.
I'm a long way from being a prolific poster as I am just trying to get back to my art after a break but I think this is a brilliant concept. I really enjoyed reading the first interview and am looking forward to the forthcoming ones, it's a great way to find out more about other folk on here.