I posted this on Facebook and got hundreds of comments and over 20 shares on it. Many of them were memories that people had of things he had said in the past. I also got a nice thank you card from the school. So it may have been donated but I feel richly paid.
That's just wonderful - congrats, Sno! ❤️
I posted this recently in the What Are You Working On thread, but I am finished now and will give him his own thread. This little guy I suppose is considered on the spectrum but he is very intelligent in many ways and can remember everyone he has ever met. Calls them by name and remembers what they do and who they are related to. He can tell you the scores of all the basketball and football games in our town all the way back into the 60s and 70s. He is an icon in our town and is known by everyone. He is now in Hospice though, and doesn't have a long time. Everyone loves him. I'm making the portrait and planning to donate it to the athletic department at the school, so he can always be at the games.
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I found this posted this morning on Facebook.


Green Forest Schools

This amazing painting of Gene Reece is now on display in the Alumni Center foyer.
Thank you, Ayin. They were able to take him out of the facility and bundle him up and take him in the Christmas parade today. He is not doing very well at all but I know it was a thrill to him.
❤️.Snoball ,Wonderful portrait and wonderful idea,thought.Is a painting that conveys his personality and rich in history, affection. Wonderful job
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I feel so honored. Our dear Gene passed away last week and his portrait was included in the slideshow of his life on his obituary page. Today was his funeral. They held it in the high school gym since he was so well known by the whole town. His portrait sat beside his casket. I'm proud and humbled at the same time.
That’s such sad news, Sno, and I’m sorry your town had to say goodbye to Gene. What an honor for your beautiful portrait to play a role in his service. Your artwork was a comfort and that’s something to be very proud of.
I'm very sorry that he's no longer here.
I'm happy though that your painting best remembered him, the portrait presents his spark of life well, this is nice because in some way it keeps that spark alive forever.