Gas, it's a gas, gas, gas!


2 eyes.
Having been bit by the proverbial worm, meow, I had to phone for help. d'ring d'ring d'ring k. Gas Gas Gas. ;)


Btw, fluorescent orange doesn't show in the scan. Stay connected.
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So screamingly wonderful. Bold, beautiful, expressive. It has such a great composition--not too symmetrical. It's perfect. I love making phones like this. It reminds me of a drawing I have with a phone like this in it, but it's not nearly as amazing as this or anything. I can post it if you'd like. This inspires me so much, the way you colored it in. I see the orange and love that it's just remnants of it. Brilliant! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ⚡
Thanks Arty! Appreciate those words! Please post your phone. My drawing is tiny, appropriately 21 cms x 13 cms. I woke up and drew it in bed, under a dull light, and my eyes weren't brilliant, but that seemed part of the work. It basically did itself. I think it was the idea of two cords that first drew me in. Pardon that one pun. I am going to try a phone painting this evening. It's already 22:35 PM. I hope we do on this forum inspire you, because you give so much to each of us! And it is obvious from your art, writing, blogs, books, etc. etc. that you have worked hard to get where you are. I am not just speaking from myself.

Btw, the ten dials on the phone was a mere fluke! Planning doesn't really work for me.
😄 Thanks sno. Imagine trying to use a phone with a wire at either end of the receiver! It would be a bit of a Laursl and Hardy fine mess. I guess the drawing could be an antique.

This is our home phone still on the wall that doesn't work. Looks like we bought it from Toys R Us.

Yes, goes with the orange wall, Laughing Horses oil painting, red faux sofa (falling to pieces) and this box canvas thingy. Exact same lampshade my Gran had. Bless her.


Amazing how inspired one can feel moving to a new place.

Would liked to have finished it off with marimekko curtains, but didn't have the cash and then things become humdrum everyday. Check out the marimekko flower pattern, if you don't know it. Big bold and basic.
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Thanks joe. The lampshade has a bulb behind it and lights just like a lamp. I think the piece is by Duffy.

Arty, I love the aesthetic of your work, and the power of it, too. The raw power (pain) of the experience behind it is impactful.

I always hated having to phone other people, often rehearsing myself into a pretty state, and those answering machines could go hang.