Gamvar Curious


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I used one coat of Gamvar, my varnish of choice, on a 32" x 24" acrylic painting. As soon as it dried I realized the sky - which comprised about half the painting, needed to be reworked. I used Gamsol, the approved odorless mineral spirit, to remove that part of the varnish and then repainted.

As I was painting I could see that all the varnish had not come off but that didn't stop me. The paint now dried looks good and appears to have good adhesion. but... wondering if there is any known downside to painting over gamvar?
Thinking about this, the only risk would be if I re-varnish the painting and then in the future wanted to take that layer off. There could be a slim chance that the Gamsol - varnish remover - could also loosen the varnish that is trapped under the layer of paint. But since Gamsol is formulated to NOT lift paint it shouldn't be able to get to it.

anyway, I've decided to move on and worry about more pressing problems instead.
Not if it's acrylic varnish. Might work if the surface were scuffed to provide better adhesion.
I think it will be fine. But I'm no acrylic expert. Is that stuff oil-based?
It's made of Regalrez resin and mineral spirits. The paint is adhering just fine.
There is no reason to paint over Gamvar since it is so easily removed -Regalrez
In my case I discovered it was not completely removed after I had already been painting.
this is the painting 32"x24"- top half and bottom half look the same to me, paint holding. The glistening is from the varnish catching light.