From Life A Few Florals



Red Pot .. 11 x 14 inches .. oil on paper .. alla prima ... painted Nove 20/23


Blue Table .. 11 x 14 inches .. oil on paper .. Alla Prima .. painted Nove 20/23
I find the hues echos in the first very nice; the second is quieter overall- which is not a bad thing.
Thank you Jo. Lovely how color makes us feel.

Thank you JStar. Agree, some like hot, some not. Nothing wrong with that, just expressions of different moods.

Thank you Bongo. At first I thought it over but after letting it sit for a day I came to your conclusion. The reflections were nice.
Both are Gorg! Funny that most like the first one more, but the second one makes my heart soar. It's probably that pink! Ha ha ha. Well done on both! ♥️
I've been working with watercolor for the last several months to learn about it, but this first floral started a longing for my oils.

SO, after I do some paperwork, add color to two WCs, I'll see about scraping off my glass palette and starting an oil.

Those are beauties, Wayne.
Thank you Ayin .. don't soar away .. like your comments .. uplifting

Thank you NTL .. I never commnet on works in progress as I want to see the work .. that last one was coming along quite nicely.
Remember when you clean glass with oil the oil always leaves a film on the glass so don't use veggie oil to clean your glass. Sunflower or Safleaur from the suprermark work well and are much better driers. That film on the glass will get in your oil.

Thank you moscatel .. enjoy your work as well.