Forest path in fall - WIP


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Hi Folks. I wasn't sure where to post this as it is a TOTAL test of everything.
I have been asked to do a quite large painting, larger than any reasonable water colour sheet I can get. So I wondered if I could use a canvas and prepare it for pastels. So, this painting is a test. I had an ancient canvas in the garage that I pulled out. I then made a gesso and talcum powder mixture and did two coats. One thin, the last thick, and when dry sanded it smoothish...
Being so white, I wanted to tone the thing down, so did an underpainting in acrylic.
So, the first image is the underpainting. The second the semi-finished WIP.
The pastels are all soft pastels, Semihard Rembrandts. The canvas is 40x50cm.

There are quite a few textural ridges from the gesso, and in certain paintings, may work OK.
Any thoughts on the result and what I am trying to do? The actual request I have is for a painting about 4 feet across, so if it works, I will try a big canvas and prep it with gesso etc again.


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Thanks Bart. I've been fiddling a little more, but if nothing else, it's been a useful experiment.
The main issue I have is - with my glasses on, it's loose and scruffy from the texture of the gesso. Without my glasses, all the texture and colours blend nicely 😀 I guess that mean I have to wear glasses!!
I love the texture! That's not bothering me a bit. Gorgeous palette and a wonderful, loose feel. ❤️

I think you're on the right track. I find gesso the most problematic with ridges, etc., so I understand your hesitation. But here I think it's not a concern at all. Go for it! :)
This is looking great. The texture adds to it. One of my favorite artists, now deceased, that painted with pastels on very textured surfaces was Margie Lucena. You can see paintings here and may find a YouTube video. The painting on the home page is super.
Let us know about framing, etc.
Hi Triduana, Terri, Jo and Ayin. Thank you for your comments, much appreciated and gives me some encouragement.
I haven't done so many changes. a few small highlights in the foreground and tree detail. I will keep it "loose and unfocused". The test has served its purpose, but I will keep it and it may even get a frame.
late to the party, just saw this and I too love the textures, and warm again cool colors. The subtle color shifts in the sky 🤩
Thanks Sanlynn, thanks, not sure, it's from a photo out the car window somewhere on the highway to Zagreb