Flying the flags


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Egg tempera 2.5 x3.5. Inches. Was sent to Australia in a trade.
Nice work Jane. Someone got a very special painting. You manage to get a lot of detail in such a tiny painting.
Amazing that you fit so much onto such a small area! Did you use Claybord for this one? Did you use the prescribed #2 Kolinsky? :) Anyway, you did a good job with whatever you used! And just think: that tiny painting will be here a thousand years from now.
I used a kolinsky but didn’t look at the size. I actually cut the boards, made the rabbit skin glue and gesso. The whole process, it’s all because i saw painting the light and Peter Blackwood on youtube.
I actually cut the boards, made the rabbit skin glue and gesso. The whole process...
That traditional gesso really does make a nice surface for egg tempera. I made some with unflavored gelatin and marble dust on hardboard/masonite but most of it warped, but the paint really bit into that gesso.
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Your work is really amazing, Jane! Terrific detail. ❤
Wow! This is also an amazing work. So cool and a lot of great detail. Cool palette too. I know what it's like to use a tiny brush. For whatever reason, I use one too, but for my bigger paintings. I don't know why. I just enjoy it. But it takes forever to finish a painting. :ROFLMAO:
thanks, I used to paint larger canvases, before I finished them I was bored and had to start something new.
You're smart. I need to do what you do and paint smaller so I can get onto my next bright idea faster. ;)
This is a cool card. I like the mirrored pattern and details. Lots happening in a small card. Successful card!