all are 11 x 14 oil on paper Alla Prima ..
I tried to carry forward with the technique I used on the people but I think it left me high and dry in a few places.
After these I have a few landscapes and that will about bring us up to date on what I have done over the past month. Been lazy and not producing one a day but I am putting them on paper now so I can keep the ones I like and the other ones tear up real easy.

Seeing Red.

Window Light

Blue Book

Golden Goblet
The first two are quite striking. The technique in service to good composition. With the first two I don't "see" technique - I see delightful paintings.
These are all just fabulous Wayne. You really have control of those knives. Your colors are clean, not muddy. Great stuff. ❤️ ❤️
Thank you Bongo .... spot on ... on the last two, the technique is good but the comp is missing which makes them passable but not delightful .. good eye

Thanks Margaret. I'm a slow learner but if I live long enough, I'll get there.
You've got the sparkles in the glass vases in particular down cold, and your technique works great for those objects. The flowers are more difficult to pull off with your bold strokes since most flowers are naturally delicate. The exception might be sunflowers! I think Vincent was wise to choose them because they are large and somewhat coarse. You might consider using larger, coarser flowers for your subject matter. I do like your technique and hope you explore it some more.
Thank you Truff. Actually Vincent's sunflowers are more bud than flower but in mine I was just trying to use color to suggest flowers and no particular kind. Perhaps I should have been as casual in the rest of the piece. I am so lost at this point I don't know where to turn. I can't get landscapes to go either. I think total abstract expression would be an answer but not sure I like that vein.
I think of Edison's comment about repeating the same measures and looking for a different result and agree that it is downright foolish. The most foolish part of the equation is that I don't have enough sense to toss out all my painting gear and give it up.
Don't you dare give up! You are doing really well, and as others have said, you are producing nice clean colors and I would add a liveliness and energy that's not present in many paintings. It sounds like you are confronting the 'how much to abstract' hurdle. It's one I face, too, as I'm sure many artists do. In my opinion the boldness of your technique can handle a lot of abstraction, but it has to feel right to you (abstract expressionism isn't the only answer in the world). As to dazed and confused, sometimes I feel like I'm flailing around in a sargasso sea with no place to land. Know that you are not alone.
That about sums it up.
Thank you. I couldn't quit if I wanted too. That's part of the confused.