Find Your Balance


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A new one - this came from a tutorial about making the grid pattern. I liked the grid idea: one fans out from top left, the other fans out upwards, from bottom right. It gave me the idea to look for images that played into the theme of "balance." I also liked the visual of turning the lines into cubes in a few areas; it reminded me of a drawing class. :LOL:

This is the first collage I've made with mainly nothing but magazine cutouts. After finding the theme namesake, I struggled with finding images to match the theme. I definitely prefer making my own cutouts, and my craft knife skills aren't great, but I'm glad I forced my way through this.

9x12" Bristol Strathmore white paper, magazines, a piece of sheet music, wax pencil.

Find Your Balance resized.jpg

This also has a contemporary flare, in my opinion, way outside my comfort zone. I'm also not sure the "balance" of the piece is successful. Any and all comments are welcomed and appreciated. :) Thanks for looking!
Very cool piece, Terri! I think you depicted the theme of balance so well with all the different images in the right places on the grid. I fear a little for Humpty Dumpty but maybe he'll be OK unless something or someone shifts. I don't know why but I always like bits of sheet music in collages. They seem to add something in a way that words can't.
Oh yeah! I think the "balance" is perfect in this. It is a wonderful piece, lots to look at here in a very simple piece. Love it! ❤️ ❤️
Donna, Sno, Wayne - thank you all! ❤️

Humpty better be careful. ;)
Perfect balance and an excellent composition because it's not so symmetrical. I love this. It almost reminds me of a Calder. It has so much interest to it. Lots going on, yet simply stated and you made such excellent decisions. It's so good. You are mastering collage, my friend!!! ♥️