Favorite youtube channels for art.


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Some of my favorite youtube channels for art. Maybe other can also post their favorites.

Waldemar is my go to guy for art history, great videos.

Gerda Lipski.
German abstract painter.

British Museum.
Met museum.
V & A museum.
.....many more, long ago when I was still able to travel liked very much to visit museums.

Merveilles en Papier.
Letitia Mieral french lady paper artist makes dollhouses for museums.

More in next post...
Art Prof: Create & Critique.
My most recent discovery this wednesday been watching her videos few days.

It also brought back why I did not get into Art College, complicated story.
Great idea for a thread! I look forward to exploring these channels.

James Payne hosts Great Art Explained, which I find to be utterly fascinating. He takes famous works of art and discusses them in detail in about 15 minutes. The videos are so informational they seem longer, in the best possible way. It grew from nothing to over a million subscribers quickly. How thrilling (yeah, it's exciting to me) to see comments from the general public that it has piqued their interest in art.
There are so many! Take your pick and go exploring.

Many of my favorite painting instructors have excellent YT channels: Marla Bagetta, Karen Margules, Emma Colbert, James Gurney.

One I love to death is Richard Musgrave-Evans. He's an Aussie knife painter extraordinaire. Most of his videos are en plein air in the Australian countryside, but some are studio painting sessions as well. And he's damn good.

For an offbeat one that is art oriented in a way most wouldn't think of, Peter Beard does an excellent series on graphic artists.

Michael Chamberlain is good on en plein air in California.

You can never lose with David Dunlop and Ian Roberts! These are two masterful instructors.

Stefan Baumann is OK, but a bit full of himself. Once you get past the theatrics he has some good advice.

Another one you should consider is Baumgartner Restoration. There's a ton of information here on repairing art, but you learn a bunch along the way and he's always clear in his explanations.

There are lots of videos that show a portfolio of a famous artist's work. Many quite good. Too many to name here.
There are also those associated with museums and academic institutions, but to my taste too much of a lecture format with very little pictorial/visual excitement.

During the pandemic lockdown I got turned on to Philip Mould's videos. He's a gallerist famous in the UK for the series "Fame or Fortune", also with lots of videos across YT channels and worth watching.

Pick your medium and/or subject and you can spend your life learning about how to produce art on YouTube, what products you might or might not want, art history and technique.
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Great thread! I've not checked out many videos but the few times I've done it have been helpful. There are always related videos on the sidebar, - easy to go down the rabbit hole! ;)

Some of these look interesting just for educational value. 👍
Thanks Bart!

We should post links. That would be most helpful! :)
If you click on the title of the channel I suggested, it is a link. Links are in blue. We have learned so much from YT, from art to household repairs.
OMG there are so, so, so many! My ultimate over-all favorite is Javid Tabatabeaei (Not sure I spelled the last name right) but there are way too many to mention that I'm subscribed to.
ARCO 2024 Madrid, Spain art fair seen some small bits on TVE Spain searched youtube for videos about it, there are some short videos ...search yt ARCO 2024.