Fallen Tree and Autumn Path



Martin's River .. Fallen Tree .. 11 x 14 inches .. oil on paper .. alla prima .. painted Nov 29/23

path (2).jpg

Autumn Path .. 11 x 14 iches .. oil on panel .. alla prima .. painted Nov 29/23
Both are just wonderful! Soon the fallen tree will go with the flow. I love the path in the second one and it would be worth muddy feet.
I remember seeing such areas of gray leafless trees in childhood trips to the mountains, you capture them true to my memory. I thought they are like that from acid rain as a child, but its probably fire. I like the gradient it forms here.
Beautiful! I'm really enjoying these pops of bright green and the extra warm browns in these. ❤️ Terrific landscapes!
Puapka. Thank you. I am not well traveled except in my own country but from what I have seen on tv, nature is nature. Different shapes but similar light shows.

Thanks Terri. Little patches of sunlight like jewels in the sand.

Thank you Ayin.
Well shoot! I thought I commented on this but I don't see it. Boy when your memory goes, just forget it! These are both just beautiful and look like scenes from around here. ❤️ ❤️
I think the first one is terrifically abstracted, and the second calm and serene.

Nice work.