Enyaw Study Brief .. Friday 6th to Thursday 13th


AA Jan 0723.jpg

Flowers In The Breeze

AA Jan 0823.jpg

Old Barn On A Winter Night

AA Jan 0923.jpg

Time In A Bottle

AA Jan 1023.jpg

Dear John

Here are a few studies I have done this week .. Friday 6 - Friday 13.
All are 11 x 14 inches oil on paper .. alla prima .. all painted on dates from the 6th
to the 13th. Had a few more but they didn't make the cut.

My focus shifts from study to study.

Flowers In The Breeze was about composition and representing something in the breeze. You never see it all, you just see a
movie of blur and some deeply saturated spots of the home color of the flowers.

Old Barn On A Winter Night was about subdued light such as moon light on the snow.

Time in a Bottle was the result of thinking that if people were to react to a bad ellipse
of a bottle or whatever, then why not magnify the bad then they will not react to it
as it's so bad it has to be right. So was born the idea and then the idea was painted.

Dear John was the result of further thought on forget about the bad and reinforce it
it you see it and it bothers you. I had it more badly warped but got timid. However, Dear John did have
a quality of life and so it lives in my file.
All are beautiful Wayne - The Old Barn on Winter Night is exquisite - You captured the night light so perfectly - LOVE LOVE LOVE! ❤️
Such nice work, Wayne! Flowers in the Breeze is my favorite but only because I'm so tired of winter. You put a lot of thought into each one and it shows.
You've been busy! These are all great and of course I favor the flowers. :giggle:❤️ P.S. Friday was the 13th, not Thursday. :LOL:
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If you didn't think I was weird before .... every time I look at Time In A Bottle, I see a penis where the cork is, and I can't unsee it! :unsure: