Don't Step On Dark Rocks



11 x 14 inches .. oil on paper .. Alla Prima .. Knives .. Painter 20/11/2..
again an expressionistic look at a cove I saw on our trip to Nfld.
Good one, again! :) Very nice composition. I'd love to see even more dynamic colors in this in the main rock formation in the foreground and in the sky. The water is to die for. Brilliant! ♥️
I really like this! Anyone who can maintain readability while using knives has my respect, because when I do it, it's just a mess.
Thank you Ayin.
I actually thought of that but then decided against it as I wanted the yellow sun on the outside rocks to garner the attention and to gain that I choose to use more purple mutations in the darks to push the lights. I was going to stay on the side of realism but the painting went over the edge. I will try another version pushing the whole thing over the edge and raising the front to help star in the dynamics. I need to sit on it for a day or two but yea, I see another version there based on your thought.
Good composition. Nice use of light and dark. Really like the contrast of the rocks and the sky and water.
The contrast between the lighter, smoother sky and the dark, chunky rocks does it for me, Wayne. I'm sure your interpretation blows the photo away. There's a lot of mood in your knifework that seems to fit
This one is also nice but I still like the first one better......more atmosphere I think.
They're both really beautiful, and the composition is unchanged. I agree with Perry that the first one is definitely the more atmospheric of the two, it has mystery - just a completely different mood. The second one is brighter, colorful and I love it for the light hitting the sides of the large rock.

Two beauties! Your output is astonishing, Wayne.
Thank you Perry

Thank you Terri.
Geese, now I'm a poet.
I am keeping track this month just for curiosity. 11 more days till month end.
Gorgeous scene. Interesting to see two very different interpretations of the same scene.
- perfect subject matter for your style. Both wonderful - but the second one is more wonderful for color/lighting, and jagged mountain outline.
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