Dog waiting to be fed

Dave Woody

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30cm x 20cm acrylic on board......
Our dog is very vocal and tonight she let us know that one bowl of nosh
was not enough for her.
I was chuckling to myself thinking ....if my dog knew how to open cans.......!
I have decided that it's new home is going to be with our Village dog groomer, Katy.
I will go across the road and give it to her.

This is the letter she'll get with it.
Ref above lovely wife reckons that Katie will not really like the
picture of the dog, so I will leave this one on her doorstep and she can decide
which of the two she'd prefer to own. She might return both!!!
Or one of her customers might come and, y'know, cock a leg 😆 You did say you lived in Berkshire?...Haha.

I used to have a friend whose family had a giant poodle, Simba. I would no sooner walk in the door and the dog would be magnetized - to my groin. I would be greeting them while trying to gently extricate their beloved pet's imbedded muzzle. A groin nuzzler. A muzzle nuzzler. What a day.
Groin Nuzzler......of course.
Damn, how did I miss that one...?

Ha haaa....yep Berkshire.....
Just highlighted the title the accompanying letter with this pic, I have mentioned
WetCanvas and your comment that 'Groin Nuzzler' is missing from the list.
I am sure that Katie will laugh so....thank you for that.