Dog Oil Painting


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No, not a wild dog, but an animal and that's where this fits in our fledgling art site! A commission, oil on canvas. I use Blick's Premier splined canvas, a variety of pro quality paints and disposable paint brushes (I like Simply Simmons angle brushes). I use liquin early on to dry quickly, which is important with commissions especially selling them on sites that reward fast turn around.


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Smiling doggie! This is a great piece! I also loved how you photographed this and we can see the edges of the canvas. What size is this?
Thanks, Wayne!

Arty, it's 16" x 20". I sometimes even photograph them with the easel showing to differentiate them from the "oil paintings" on Etsy that are photos run through a filter, since Etsy doesn't!
In my experience all dogs that size are wild.
Great job with it.
He is adorable. I'm sure the people who commissioned him will be thrilled.

There's a lot of character in this painting! The fur looks so fluffy and I love all the colours. :)
Hes gorgeous and youve really captured his excitable Terrier personality!