Do you use a light box for still life?


I don't because I'm too lazy to build one. I do have a work around though. I have a great little studio in our basement and it has a closet type room at the end of it. I removed the door. It was about 50 years old. Gave it to the old guy next door who thought it was a treasure. Anyway here is the end closet so to speak.

So my walk around is this. I build a background out of whatever I find at hand: in this case the covers off used pads. I then find a few things and place them where I want them (not in this case the rule is out of position but it's just for a show and tell so no biggie. I then use a light from the hardware store with a daylight bulb and I place it so I can block some of the light creating a better light and shadow.


After that is done I take a picture of my subject, crop it or whatever. I then turn it into black and white so I can see the values better.


I then reduce it anywhere from 3 to 5 values In this case I use 3. Then I am ready to sketch and make a blockin.


When I paint I will not stay at 3 but that is the point of departure. How the painting looks after each different hue will determine how it goes.

If you have a work around or a light box, feel free to post in this tread so it's all in one place.
Why build it? If you don't have any cardboard box lying in the basement, you can very likely find one in a supermarket or other stores (depends on size).
Long ago I used a cardboard box for such drawing, and am working at doing it again. The thing is, I get caught on painting instead of drawing, or crocheting, or house-work... Anyway, I had a box that I cut 2 small holes in1 near the top, 1 further down, and could close either one. I have a lamp to shine light onto the subject to produce shadows on the front. The box was deep enough and I had some control over room light that it worked for me. I also hung a weighted thread from the front of the box to help me.