Do they have viking ancestry, I wonder...


2 eyes.
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I love these.I remember years ago we had some living freely in the forest nearby, friendly,gentle creatures, you could go and stroke them without worry
Then bash them over the head and drag them home...:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

Sorry, I didn't mean to, laf.
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I'd like to see you dragging one of these home. You are just trying to wind me up Iain🙂
I can hardly drag my sorry ass home most days 🙃 let alone 500 lbs of prime Angus. Ha? It was just my attempt at humour. Not sure how it translates on screen. But be assured, Paganini doesn't intend to be a meanie 😑 i have my supplies in and I'm looking forward to an irresponsibly creative weekend. Wish us all luck...
I knew it was humor. I just made a sad face picturing those poor cows being dragged around by their little horns. I eat meat all the same though.
I can still laugh at the image: stroking this docile bovine with one hand while the other waits in anticipation, club concealed behind the back, ready to deal the fatal blow. I think you can tell I've had a bad experience with a herd of cows.
I painted a canvas of highland cattle once, never finished it. I like their appearance! I like the rugged terrain where they usually reside too.
I can hardly drag my sorry ass home most days 🙃 let alone 500 lbs of prime Angus. Ha?
Oh my! A 500 pounder would be a baby. Our Jerseys, which are a rather small cow, weighed in at 1200 pounds.
Sno! Sno! Don't expect me to be beholden to facts!

I don't know why I did not expect you to be living on a farm, if that is indeed the case, I don't know what I did expect, but I am intrigued. The piot thickens, etc.
I can't call it a farm, not a working farm at least, more of an acreage. We own about 69 acres but we sold out cows a little over a year ago and I really miss them. They were just big old pets. Now we just have a small flock of laying chickens and a couple of dogs and a cat. :giggle: