DIY Alpine sink


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Nothing to compete with Hermes's sculptures, of course, but, however, some years ago I knocked together an alpine sink from cement. I believe I added perlite to the mix, which made it a bit - a bit - lighter. I used cardboard boxes - one inside the other - to create the saggy sink. I liked how the colours of the natural stone, plants, and cement mirrored each other.


Initially, for the first couple of winters, I protected the Alpines from the worst of the winter wet. Cute tunnel, huh?
Thanks sno. The natural stone, a soft (in terms of look), smooth slate, was a great find, too. Like miniature landscape.
Thanks, now I have some ideas for the left-over fast set concrete from my reclining nude project. I am thinking bonzai containers.
My pleasure, Hermes. i do like Bonsai. If you were to leave out the drainage hole the planter becomes a bird bath.
Great idea to use cardboard box to get the saggy effect by contrast with the hardness of the material.
I love this! ❤️ The closest thing I've ever done to this was this when I planted this little cactus/rock garden. It was for my aunt (well for me, really) so I could think of her during the time she was dying of breast cancer.



Strange thing happened afterward--the day she died. I had the gardeners trim the big tree that was in the middle of the yard. It was a big Brazilian pepper tree--just beautiful. It needed to be trimmed down once every couple of years. Well, I guess there was a language breakdown, and when I came home later that morning the tree was almost completely chopped down. Still alive, but absolutely barren. The sight of it triggered all my pain about my aunt's death, plus the gardeners managed to step all over my little rock garden in the process of trimming the tree and killed all the little succulents. :(

Thank god they didn't touch this cactus garden I had planted in the old fish pound from years before, but I heard the landlord got rid of it after we moved:

That was a beautiful and positive project during what must have been a difficult time. Lovely.

Love the cactus garden and that little courtyard.

Our landlords pay peanuts and we get monkeys....