Days of [G] Old


11 x 14 Alla Prima oil on paper .. painted yesterday .. I have a few of these old photos of when my granddaughter was around 5 years old and we use to paint every visit. Good memories. Probably why I like to take a stab at the photos every now and then. LtlMissBrit at the easel.


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Oh I love it!! And the gold of her hair and the gold of the painting makes the focal point just pop! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Thank you Sno. I just realized how bad a picture that was .. this is much closer. Had my camera on the wrong setting.

Arty, if you want to , please delete the first photo. I caught it too late to edit. Thanks,
I love this. You're right, the second picture is much better. The colors have a bigger range. I love it way more now.
wonderful, it's a fantastic work,
you have captured a fantastic moment and action
this is wonderful. You should give it to your granddaughter at some point, I'm sure she would treasure it.
What a treasure Wayne !

The beautiful child and the painting, wonderful.

I set up a 'studio' in the garage for when the grand kids came to visit and we had wonderful times. I have managed to save some of their 'masterpieces' from that time, but I didn't have the ability to paint them at work as you have so marvelously done here.

Now the youngest grand daughter is a mother herself and an Art teacher for 5th graders. I like to think there was some impetus from the times in the 'studio'.

This is very charming. I like the way the center is filled with negative space - unusual but it works well. In fact the composition is really effective. Nice work!
Thank you Trier. I couldn't do it then. She was five and now 22. This was from photos of our time in my studio. Of course I took a little liscense. It's good memories.

Thanks Truff. Yes, vacant area behind the easle and I left out things. I get lucky sometimes on comp.