Dalmation in Watercolor


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This is a watercolor on Hahnemühle Agave paper, about 8 x 10. Limited palette of Alizarin Crimson (PR 83), Ultramarine Blue (PB29), and Naples Yellow (PY53, PBr24). A very small amount of Quin. Sienna (PR206, PY97) was used for the eyes.

Beautiful watercolor, Joy! You do such a good job with expressions - very sweet looking pup.

This paper looks interesting - did you like working with it?
Thank you!

Terri, the paper was part of a sample surprise pack I got on Etsy. It is 70% agave and 30% cotton. It is too soft for my taste - tears too easily with erasing and taping. I use a lot of water and only cotton seems to be working for me.
What a challenging subject but of course you did a wonderful job with it, Joy! You have such a sensitive touch with watercolors. I’ve never heard of that paper before but maybe it’s better suited for more of a dry brush technique.