Da Vinci's Head of a Bear

a little while ago they talked about it on the news but I hadn't heard the report well.

Nofocus, and he is really small, at the end of the video he could see well and I was surprised to understand that he was as big as the palm of a hand.

in the article that Iain posted I read that it is a square of 7 cm,
given the price I expected at least double it, considering that as you say it is also used .

Joke, but now he talks about the divorce of Bill Gats, if I'm not mistaken years ago I had read that he at the auction had judged himself one of the Da Vinci codes, ... the figure was
more or less at a price similar to what they value this, maybe double but he didn't pay 200 times as much, that is, the code figure wasn't much more, and there are many, many drawings, I was thinking, I was worried, now that he has expenses ...
I wouldn't want the good Bill to think about cutting out every drawing of the code in order to make up for the costs of the divorce ...
Bill don't do it. You have a passion for various codes, but don't touch this code, please.
The world doesn't come up with people like Leonardo very often. That's what this is about. Him, not the work, even though it's a very fine drawing. Any number of people could do it just as well, but they're not transcendent geniuses.
yes Musket,
having something that belonged to Leonardo I find it right that it is priceless.

and probably, maybe they could sell for the same price something made, or belonged to someone who is famous for participating in reality shows