I'm home and printing again :) I think I got a few good photos to play with.

Anemone and friends at the Seattle Aquarium
This one turned out beautifully! Excellent tonal range.

Hope your travels were fun!
Thanks! Travels were very fun! Here are a few more from the Seattle Aquarium:

Spotted Lagoon Jellyfish at Seattle Aquarium:
( 1st one looks better in person than my scan of it )



Salmon Fry at Seattle Aquarium:


The salmon one was difficult to print and that was my 3rd try at it. I'm still not real happy with it, but I learned I want to make some more with fish :). I kind of want to make a "high key" version of the print, more like real life, but it will use a lot of ink to make the negative. We'll see. It would look something like this ( this is a simulation of what the print might look like, not a real print ):

Your scans look pretty good to me! Cyanotype seems to marry perfectly with your aquarium subjects - these are all great!

I'm intrigued with your high key idea.
Your scans look pretty good to me! Cyanotype seems to marry perfectly with your aquarium subjects - these are all great!

I'm intrigued with your high key idea.


About 2 years ago, I did a lot of careful testing to make digital negatives for VDB and Namia's Sepia. Those negatives use a green inkjet color that has particularly good separation of tones for that process. When I started making these cyanotypes, I didn't do any testing at all, just used the same green color, and I've been tweaking the adjustment curves and learning as I go along. I can print about 20 or 30 full sized negatives before the ink cartridge runs out of green, but the new color ink cartridges cost more than the printer did!

I think some other colors ( maybe orange, or magenta? ) could work, so I was thinking I'd wait until the green runs out, and then try a series of negatives using a different color. That would be a good time to try the "high key" version of this, and it would be great to see if I can make more negatives from the same cartridge....
Great idea. I like the idea of trying these other colors, too. Good lord, the price of ink is through the roof! But if you can squeeze out some high key prints to wring every drop from them, that could actually work in your favor. Love it!
Back to the Monterey Aquarium, my daughter took the original photo with her phone.
These are called Purple-striped jellyfish. Printed yesterday, print is about 7x9 inches.
:) the more I print these the more fascinated I am with jellyfish.

Ooo, this is a beauty! These jellyfish make excellent subjects for this process, don't they? All the lovely swirling.

Great job!
:) back to Seattle again. More Spotted Lagoon Jellyfish. I like this one. Not sure how well it shows on a screen vs. holding the print in your hand. My daughter took the photograph.

Another fabulous cyanotype! These jellyfish are excellent specimens- beautiful work!
I must add my voice to say that I adore your cyanotype prints. Jellyfish are the ideal subject with their translucent bodies.
Thanks all! Jellyfish seem like a great subject for cyanotype prints. Fun to make the prints, too. A few more yet to print :)