Copyrighting© Your ArtWork



how many of you copyright your artwork with the U.S. Copyright Office ?
I own one copyright© at the moment , it's something I wrote ( Print Material ) for a friend / a woman who means the world to me .

I plan on copyrighting some of my artwork .
I'm still amazed & shocked 😲 that their are still artists who think that the " poor man's copyright " is legal for copyright protection .
the surefire way to protect your work legally is copyright© protection through the U.S. Copyright Office
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please note .... Just because you send something in to be copyrighted doesn't mean it will be automatically accepted , your application can be REJECTED & the monies will not be refunded .
Its best to try & do a little research before you send in your application/fee $
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it'd be pretty cost prohibitive for most of us to copyright all our works ( especially if your cranking out artwork like a production line ) , I think it'd be better to be selective in what works your copyrighting .
In case your wondering how long Visual Arts Copyrights last here is the answer

Lifetime of the artist + 70 years after artists death .

in the case of a joint work with two or more artists ... the term lasts 70 years after the last surviving artists death
I have copyrighted a few, especially when they were about to be used for publication on something else and I had to create licenses for them. A cheaper way to copyright is to create a selection of works, like a whole body/series of works, and copyright them as a collection so that many can be copyrighted at once.