Cool-ass Crib


Well, I didn't know whether to post this in Watercolor, Contemporary/Abstract, or Landscapes. I believe it belongs in all three, but I probably won't be cross posting it. I have the progress shots in Watercolors, but here it is finished now. This is on #300 Arches cold press. Not my regular go-to surface but I dealt with it anyway. It's 22.5 x 30 inches in size. I was going to give this sky another layer to make it darker and flat, but then I decided against it to keep it more watercolory like the rest of it. Comments welcome, but it's done. ;)

Yay, it's finished! It's awesome - so many fun details in this one! I like your decision to leave the sky alone. I think it adds to the whimsy of the whole piece.

I might love the antenna the most, but couldn't say why. ❤
This has a beautiful feel to it. You have outdone yourself once again!

Edit. The title made me laugh.
It’s great! I’m loving the colored patterns of the bg and agree the sky is fine as is. Will you be featuring it with your art tour tomorrow?
This is excellent and the welcome mat is out. :) Great palette and so much to see, such a great piece.... love the stovepipe, satellite dish and aerial (gotta get those additional television channels.) :) :)
I too like that sky the way it is.... just super.
Delightful Arty. The more you look, the more interesting details you see. I can understand your dilemma about where to post.

I love using the "What's New" so I don't miss something that might be posted in a forum I wouldn't normally visit.
Wow! Thank you all!

Michael, a hill of jelly beans it is! :) Why not?

Laika, yes, that is a Joshua Tree, which is where I live.

Thank you Wayne!

Queen Bee, thank you for giving me confirmation about the sky! ♥️

Triumph, thank you for s ending me fun mail instead of bills! :)

Thank you very much Zen and MarksMom! :)

Terri, thank you also for the double confirmation about the sky, and I think I like the antenna the most too. ;)

Iain, you make me smile and your compliments flatter me beyond beyond. ♥️ ♥️

Kay, thanks for the added confidence too (about the sky) and I am not going to feature this in the tour tomorrow because I want to save it for next year's solo show.

Thank you so much John! All the stuff you have pointed out gives me such a great feeling about accomplishing this!

Anne, thanks so much. :) I also try not to miss people's posts if I can help it. So many new members makes that pretty tricky though.

Bethany, thank you for your comments as well! :)

I am SO glad that everyone here took the time to give me such special words! Thank you thank you! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
I love the wonderful, patchwork quality of this - really impressed at how you've brought all the elements together so skilfully. And, of course, it's loads of fun, too!
Ha! Thanks Bongo! That's is a great description. I may steal use that. ♥️

Thank you so much triss! :)

Nifty is a great word ntl--thank you!!!
I'm so glad you're keeping the watercolory sky - it adds so much! I checked out your progress shots and it was fun watching this develop. What a terrific painting!!!