Acrylic on canvasboard. I guess it must have been a cheap canvasboard (Dave would love it!....) because the acrylics had a serious struggle with that surface. Anyways, it’s done....
If you think that the inspiration for this piece did not come from the works of the German expressionists of the early 20th century, you’re wrong.......I have been admiring their distortions, arbitrary coloring, vulgarity and the overall “in your face” approach for years.
I really like this. I like the way your figures stand out against the variations in the sky. Very nice.
I think this is emotionally sweet and aesthetically compelling at the same time, not just because of the palette, texture and composition, but because of the mood and you're ever incredible technique. You are such an intelligent artist.
Someone once painted me a portrait of my wife and myself in a similar pose, so I easily relate and like it. Good colour sense.