I didn't know whether to post this in Abstract/Contemporary or here. It's based on Arizona cliffs, but it's abstract. Watercolor on Fabriano paper. 9 x 6 inches.

It is abstract but you could add elements of realism to it if you wanted to. There are several places you could make additions to or just leave as is. :giggle:
You are right. It was definitely an experiment and different for me. Something to ponder on. :) Thanks for the feedback!
Thanks! That seems kinda cool (mineral deposits). This one can use some more work. It was mostly experimental.
It looks a lot different from a desktop! Much more interesting! i like the "nervousness" of the staining, for lack of the appropriate term. With a larger expanse of sky or space above it, like it appears here on the thread, only white, it is even more intriguing, in my opinion. It's good stuff, again IMO. :)

Must go see the last of the light outside. with a libation, naturally.
thanks. Like I said, it's experimental. I'm not that crazy about this one. I am taking the other down and will post it on Insta tomorrow to see if I get any traction with it.