Classic Fries

Dave Woody

Well-known member
30cm x15cm acrylic on board

I did this in 2017....two colours, two minutes, one finger.
Angled just right in the light, it works.
It is flat and bland and boring and 1 dimensional on face value
but when properly has some substance and character.
Thanks everyone.
Hodgkin comparison a very kind chance of me
taking it seriously though.
The image reminded me of a Hodgkin. One of his late spare works, which are favourites. We all are on a particular trajectory.
...ha haaa. My trajectory quite literally is 'Community Chest' and 'Chance'.
I paint something personal for someone, or paint something for myself, with a slim
chance and no regard that others will like it.
This has found a home in the USA, a school mate of mine who lives over there.
Makes more sense than it living in England.
He's getting this and the one below, which is titled 'Not Quite Stars and Stripes'.