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I guess outside of Germany Christoph Schlingensief, who died 10 years ago today, isn't well known.
He was - above all - a political and society-critical artist, performer, independent filmmaker, theatre- and opera-director.
An Agent Provocateur in everything he touched. Merging art & life into one. And Dada. And "Social Sculpture". And Painintheassery.

He also was the man who stole from Beuys his hare and from me my hairdo.

The new documentary "Scream into the Silence" about him started in German theatres now.
trailer [even if you don't know the language, the pictures speak for themselfes]:

Here's the (not bad) obituary from the NYTimes 10 years ago after his death:
- "Schlingensief, who once described his artistic program as TOTAL-IRRITATION, waged a tireless assault on received opinion in the arts and politics for more than two decades."
- "His work", Tara Forrest, [an editor of “Christoph Schlingensief: Art Without Borders,” published by the University of Chicago Press] said, “encouraged the audience to think critically and creatively about issues like immigration, unemployment, homelessness, the rights of disabled people and the Nazi legacy in contemporary Germany.”

Here's a recent text on him in English:
"Basically, he was a very empathetic and warm person who was just really angry about certain conditions in this country and in this world. And he expressed this anger with this art."

still more in English language:
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