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This is an old acrylic painting of one of my husband's cars from back in our dating days. He loved his Chevys. He actually owned 2 like this one. I do need to get a better photo of it though.

This one is great too. It's got a more painterly quality to it. I like that. I love your detailed stuff too, and it's not that this is not detailed. The trees behind are remarkable, but it has a little more expressive painting gestures to it.
I'll try to get a better photo of it and post it later. Thank you! This one was during my Acrylic phase. :)
I have a hard time working with acrylics. I've used them for underpainting, but they drive me crazy otherwise because they dry too fast and the colors aren't as vibrant (IMO). I've been using them lately on my latest stuff and it's been different.
Golden makes acrylics with a long open time. I was going to try them but never did. Most of the time I made my own acrylics from dry pigments and acrylic dispersion.
I have a few Goldens but I paint thinly with acrylics, use a stay-wet palette and side loading as well as dry brush blending. A misting bottle helps too.
I like the pov you chose here.
Those were the days of roomy front bench seats, the sleek dash, and large steering wheels.
Thank you Jon, I really have to re-photograph this one. It is a copy from an old 35mm photograph. :)