Chasing Blue


everybody is playing with blue so I'll try blue .. it's about the purest color in the painting. Playing with color. UltraFBlue, Burnt Umber, Lemon Yellow, White, Vermilion. I took a bit of Vermilion to mix with my umber and the Umber/Vermilion becomes my red. I am left with Red, Blue, Yellow, and White. 11 x 14 alla prima photo ref .. a little park in Georgetown, On from when we lived there.

close up anyone?

Enyaw, this painting is perfect in every way. Very visible front plane is working so well: I like how you formed the rocks. They are interesting and have nice different colors. The tall spruces have good composition balance on the canvas helped by other branches/aspen. I think the pure blue adds rich color to the scene. I again like the glow there in the distance. Look at that glowing tree behind the left hand side spruce! Sorolla had this kind of light in his landscapes. Also what a beautiful distant grey tree line color!

Thanks for the palette colors. What kind of painting surface do you use for these landscapes? The surface on this piece looks like good and smooth one to paint. What about .. do you ever use imprimatura/paint over colored surface? Sorry for me asking so many questions .. 😌🤔
thank you Katie and Moscatil

Questions are good. This is an art site.

I use a panel I make from 1/4 Fibrex board. This board is white on one side. I gesso the brownish side with two or three heavy coats. I then color the gesso with a thin layer of acrylic. I use different colours for my boards. This one is yellow orange. A favorite is burnt Umber for it's warmth. I apply the acrylic with a sponge so it is lightly smeared on. I wash in my beginning steps using linseed and sennellier green combo. After one or two washes to set the value structure I then start adding the heavier paint. I use dorland wax to keep my finished work matte. Nothing worse than walking in a room and lookin for a spot to view a painting while avoiding the glare.
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Good work! I like your greys and bold handling of paint. Combination of brush and knife?