Cat Surrounded by the Pumpkin Flowers - wip


oil painter
"Cat Surrounded by the Pumpkin Flowers" - WIP, oil on canvas, 54x40 cm. From the sketches I did before this painting I ended up trying this larger painting. My own Bengal cat is the model here. The flowers and pumpkin were growing in my garden in the summer time.

Wonderful painting! Such an interesting setting for that jewel of a cat - I love the mysterious revealed innards of the pumpkin and the blooms are very beautiful as well. Good stuff!
I like this one just as much as the other one! I understand your comments better now, that you made about the distance between your two main subjects. I like this tight little grouping, but have no issues with the other, either. In fact I might prefer the other one a bit more, because it's spread out just a bit and the framing of the pumpkin flowers is looser.

(Just an FYI: if your Bengal goes missing, DO NOT look for him at my house. He won't be there. So, DON'T look for him there, nope! ;) )

Crazy Cat woman 💕
Arty, Happy Halloween!! 🎃🎃🎃
Laika, thank you for your heart warming comment of my cat!❤️🐈 I think there's some space on the ground to add seeds like I had in one of the sketches.
Terri, 👍 yes, it was that distance I was taking about. Thank you so much for your comment, it means a lot to me and it's important feed back. Gives me some thinking to do also on which kind of set up to choose for the larger painting. 🙏
LOL :ROFLMAO: ... now I know where to look 😹 🐈 🐾🐾
Does your sweet cat have any idea that she is starring in a fantastic group of paintings? Maybe her modeling fees will be going up! This is a gorgeous combination of subjects and colors!
Beautiful result. Your cat is also gorgeous! It must have taken time to add all that details. Lovely colors too.
Deborah, thank you!
Lazarus, thank you!
Donna, LOL 😅 my cat just got a huge new jar of her favorite treats 😆 so I guess her fees are up now! Thanks for commenting!
Sno, thanks 🎃 yes, that is the reason I posted it .. otherwise it would have stayed in a drawer. I wanted to give Halloween spirit from my part to the forum. ☺️
Vivien, thank you! Cat meows thank you too! 😺
Dm, thank you, it took time and I wish I would have made a good drawing underneath first but I didn't .. that often can cause problems later in the painting process.
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