Cat Litter

Dave Woody

Well-known member
40cm x 30cm acrylic on paper.
Cat, litter, kittens etc etc
And Catford is a real place and the postcode is genuine too.

The 'Uwaga, zły Zona' translates as....'Danger, angry wife'

All fun....
It is all a play on the the High Street sign and that cat and her litter....I don't
know where this nonsense I paint comes from.
I use irredescent White a lot, which in all of my stuff is only ever going to be seen when viewed from a certain
angle in certain lighting situations. Here is an example of this one.....

I relish the idea of knowing that one day, in the right light, at the right angle a picture of mine
that someone has looked at many times before, will suddenly shine a new look.
Great ! You really nailed that cat & kits.

I'd love some fish & chips right now.