Cat in charcoal


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This reference is from the WC WDE challenge for this weekend. My version is in charcoal, A4
wde17oct charcoal a4 45min.JPG
This is great Christel. If you don't mind, I am going to move this post into the Drawing Forum. ;)
Wow! This is great, Christel. I love the look of charcoal. This black and white kitty is the perfect subject for it.

Happy to see you posting your work! Yes, it might take a bit to look around this place and figure out where to post. For example, both soft and oil pastels are posted under the Pastels forum. A little different. :)
So well drawn, I love the handling of the charcoal. You did not force it or smudge out your strokes.
Very nice shapes, body position and expression of the cat.
However I don't know if the black contour is adequate for the white fur. It seems somehow strange to me. Would it be better to define the shape by just putting a darker background in that part of the image ?