Caswell Bay, Mumbles, South Wales

Dave Woody

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40cm x 30cm cheap canvas.
We spent a weekend here in a friend's apartment right on the beach.
I researched the beautiful place after I got home and
the history of Caswell Bay inspired me to paint this pic.
I have suggested it should hang on the inside the apartment's utility room door.
Our friend, the owner thinks it should be on display for all to see.
I took my 'Albatross' picture to the apartment as a gift.
(Oh...and for what it is worth, the Swansea aero Team, Ospreys, flew over in their Yak 52 aircraft,
so I duly included them).
I thought I had commented on this but I see I didn't. It's fun reading all the speech bubbles. :)
Thanks for the reply snowball....
The story is in the bubbles.....
this is a good one. Very interesting perspective and composition. Lettering is imo not easy to do at this scale. Yours is easy to read and a nice mix of fonts. Also sky is well blended