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Would my cartoons fit in this thread? Or has it to be photographs and text? I will move this if you say where to move it . Thanks.

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Ah! Wayne. Is he asking about cremation or breakfast!!

Thanks you and Terri. I have more and will post them gradually.
I LOVE these! So fabulous! Please make more of these. Very thought provoking and lively. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ Well drawn too. :)
Thank you very much, Artyczar. A did a series for Inktober on another site and will post what I have. I’ve also joined the Weekly Drawing Event here and intend to do them for that. I’m very pleased you like them.
Excellent! The humor is solid, the layout is conducive to the story and the technique down to the framing of the cartoons is cohesive.
I actually liked the crematorium best, but I like my humor like my coffee, black, no sugar...;)
Thank you very much for looking and for your kind comments. I’m pleased you like them. I have another I will post.