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So Bongo's recent post of his Aqua Marine Dream reminded me of this painting I did a while ago. However, I really like his treatment much better than mine, as I said in my comments on his : it has a dynamic spontaneous feel. This painting of mine was intended to be tranquil rather than lively, but still, it is just too stolid. And too realistic. There is, btw, a city in the far distance, but you can barely see it.
So I'm soliciting comments from all of you lovely people on how I can jazz this up a bit and make it more abstract and interesting. At first I thought the problem with it was that it was too plain and needed, for example, a person on the beach, but now I think it's more of an overall composition and treatment problem (ie too 'tight') Plus maybe the purple is just TOO much, ie too bright.
Thanks in advance!

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Sorry, I have no advice for improvement, I like it too much as it is.
I think you really succeeded in shooting for tranquillity.
Perhaps a shooting star in the sky? Just be careful not to mirror the curve of the shoreline.
Me, too. It's quite peaceful. Maybe that's what a lot of us need...
But it's your painting, since you feel the purple may be too bright, what do you think of a glaze on it, to tone it down a bit?
It is quite nice and tranquil as is, and any advice I would give would only destroy it's peacefulness .
However, you did inspire me to see an abstract based on this, and if I can pull it off I will post separately.
Susan - I love this. Our paintings are of two different styles. Imo the precision of this piece is what makes it work. --be loosey-goosey on another painting. My suggestion would be to make the sky a gently gradient instead of banded - and leaning more toward blue.

BTW I'm open and look forward to any suggestions/comments on my work -- maybe I should start posting that with my work so more people will know I'm okay with that.
I love the subtleness between the blues and purples in this piece. It is stunning. Really nice work! ❤️
You are all just too nice! Thanks so much for all the thoughtful comments and suggestions.
Trier - Can't wait to see your abstract based on this!
Bongo - Yes, a gentle gradient in the sky (and bluer to relieve the purple-ness) would fit better with the tranquility, I agree. I have had a fixation with stripes (banding) but I think I'm getting over it....:) Please just keep posting your wonderful night scenes. I am always inspired by them.
Sno - Not sure I could pull off a shooting star, but a great idea, thanks!
ntl - A glaze is a nice idea for toning down, maybe a dull blue? Thanks a bunch.
EJH, Arty - I appreciate your too-generous comments, thank you.