Brief Introduction



As required, here's my brief introduction.

Received an invitation to join up here. The invite came from TOS (that other site) and was nearly sent to the spam place.

The past six months have not been overly-pleasant for me. Don't ask, just be aware that I have a real excuse for being snarky, snippy, & curmudgeonly, now. Yeah, yeah, I've always been like that, but I was born that way. What's your excuse? 🤣🤣

On the brighter side of things, I've never been hungry except by choice, never had to sleep on the streets, and have always had sufficient TP for the task at hand.
Welcome! It's good to have you on board. We need curmudgeonly artists just as much as anyone.

It's a mystery as to which "other" site you were invited from because it's been going around to a couple places now. Was it the snarky forum? LOL. Either way, you are welcome with open arms here.
We like curmudgeons and we like snarks, you'll fit right in. :) I'm thinking that we may see you in the art history threads. :)
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Uhhhhh, excuse me, but I won the Curmudgeon Championship at TOS and will take on all challengers at this one for snark. Oh wait a minute... no Debates here so I'll have to play nice. I take it all back.
Well maybe there are no debates but I didn't see anything in the TOS that said you couldn't be as snarky as you like. ;)