Boxley Valley Elk


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I don't think I've posted these on here. If I have, live with it. 😊

In the next county over from me there are big herds of elk and everyone takes drives over there to get photos of them. I've been over and taken photos myself but when someone posts are really good photo, I ask permission to paint. These are a couple I've painted from other's photos.

boxley elk.jpg

they are both amazing, how wonderful.
your art can make a day beautiful, thanks for posting
Those are wonderful, sno. I can just imagine the sound coming out of the mist. Flawless.
Thank you Joe, Iain and Wayne. I appreciate the kind comments. ❤
Wayne, those are wild grape vines, quite common in the woods around here.
Wow. Just gorgeous. I love how majestic you make these animals look. Even more than they already are. ❤
Wonderful work, sno. The mist is amazing! Love how the horns look a little like the branches, too!
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Thank you Jocelyne, Arty, Bizzi and Ian. I don't know how I missed all these posts. Thanks all! :love: