Blue Ocean chip shop and the Circle Art Gallery

Dave Woody

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When my local Gallery/Art retailer reviewed my works and decided they were
unlikely to be of interest to the local clientele and returned them, I decided to
have a bit of Artistic fun.

the local chip shop is two doors down from the gallery
I painted a scene where there was a queue outside the Gallery, with a sign
that said 'Lunchtime deal, two for one' and the chipshop owner is seen to be
standing annoyed, outside his shop, staring at the queue of people waiting
to buy art.

I gave this picture to the Chip Shop owner, explaining ....when was there EVER
a queue outside an art gallery? I told him the reason for the work and that the Gallery
has one too.

I gave a picture to Jane, the Gallery owner which depicted a scene of two artists on the
Bayswater Road, London, a place famously known as a site where artists set up and sell
their works.
It showed two artists on neighbouring patches.

The first had Landscapes, Sunsets, City Scenes for sale. The other had artwork that read 'Not
for Sale'. '. THIS IS ART....not for sale'. Etc etc is hard to describe, but it was a humerous
take on art that was not for sale.

I have no idea if they ever got as much as a laugh....But I had fun.
That is a nice inviting painting that holds it's own. This is ART! It's not for sale!

That is a nice inviting painting that holds it's own. This is ART! It's not for sale!

Yeah...ha haa thank you for the reply.....yep....
She had my 'art' on her desk, must have looked at it and thought...
'Hmmm....this won't sell'.

I do wonder what she did when she found this picture on her desk, unannounced, with
a note explaining it is a gift from me. Did she hang it or hide it?
I don't know. She probably looked at it quizzically (Good word!), opened the desk drawer, placed ii inside, where it sits to this day, waiting to be discovered by her predecessor, and the world. All the best for this year, 2021. I think I have a 2021 1978 annual somewhere. What the hell. We're heading for extinction.
That is what I asked Sotheby's to do with the one I sent to them.
Crikey, Eddie's in the Time Continuem.