Blue Disc


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This is meant to be a colourful decorative painting for a specific site. My daughter replaced the doors under the basins in her main bedroom's en suite bathroom. These were the old doors that she hated with a passion.

Old Bathroom Doors.jpg

The new ones were plain and painted a deep blue, with new sold brass handles.
Bathroom Doors New Colour.jpg

I thought a circular blue painting would look good on the wall next to the mirror, so I decided to recycle the old doors into a very decorative piece that reflects that deep blue, as well as the brass of the handles and the new taps. I sandwiched the doors together face-to-face, then cut the sandwich into a 600 mm disc. I attacked the sandwich with a knife and chisel, making holes that revealed parts of the mouldings that were now hidden inside.

Disc Painting Beginning.jpg

When I was satisfied with the mutilation, which was a good release of energy, I primed the thing with white gesso. I used acrylic texture paste mixed with sand to make the lines and textured areas at the bottom and in the large opening. The paints were Winsor and Newton Griffin alkyd paints and brass metal powder to get the decorative effect I wanted. The red areas were underpainted in orange and glazed with transparent Permanent Rose mixed with Liquin medium.

Blue Disc 1a.jpg

An interesting bonus effect can be seen on the edges, where the cavities were "gilded" on the inside with metal powder.

Blue Disc 2.jpg

We will hang it next to the mirror next week.
WOW on the new cabinets, and double WOW on your wonderful use of the old doors! That's a fine piece of art!
You made a beautiful piece of art with the recycled doors. It just looks great with the new cabinets. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Thank you, everyone, for your kind words. A visitor remarked recently that her house looks like an art gallery devoted to my work. At least it will be difficult to forget me when I am gone!
The angst over the old doors must add an extra element of satisfaction to the piece. I love it. And such a gorgeous blue.
What a wonderful and unique work of art !

I am impressed with the ingenuity displayed here and the beauty of the colors.
Hey, thought I would pop over and take a look at what's happening...this is must be thrilled with it!
Thank you, Trier and Bongo. Actually, the reactions have been better than expected, because it really isn't more than a decorative object with pretty colours!
Hey, thought I would pop over and take a look at what's happening...this is must be thrilled with it!
I appreciate your compliment very much, coming from a painter whose work I find very inspirational.
Wow! This is so original and neat! Really excellent job on a unique and custom job. How cool! ♥️