Blame Lyn aka and her collage




11 x 14 Alla Prima Yellow red blue umber white.
got the idea for this when I was viewing her collage. I thought the idea was great and I wondered if the values were closer would it change the appearance by adding abstract things withing itself.
Made for a lovely painting. It doesn't look at all abstracted, it looks like a forest where damaged trees have not been cut out. :giggle: I like it.
Thanks Sno and Arty. I agree, not in the least. However, I do have another idea but I need to assemble it in my head and that might take a little time. Where's my glass?
............ now ain't I just a handsome thing ... put another log on the fire ...
Love the snow, are you going to abstract this? The bottom third would make a good abstract with a couple of tweaks. Nice avatar🙂 and I refuse to be blamed for anything🤣